When you add a new instructor to AthletaDesk, you have the option to make that instructor an "Administrator". Administrators can view and change all the business settings in your AthletaDesk, such as:

  • The Business Website & Posts
  • Other Income and Expenses
  • Reports (including financial reports)
  • Add/Edit/Remove instructor accounts
  • Add/Edit/Remove athletes
  • Create and send invoices
  • View Ahlete/Parent Addresses and Phone Numbers
  • View/Download Athlete Profile Attachments

Additionally, administrators can see and edit other instructors' schedules, and take attendance on their behalf. Instructors who are not administrators can only view their own athletes and schedules, and only take attendance for their own lessons. A non-admin instructor cannot add new athletes to the system. The administrator and instructor "Privileges" setting can be changed at any time by editing the instructor's account on the "Instructor Details" page.