If an instructor is leaving your business you will want to mark them as "Inactive". For bookkeeping purposes, you will want to keep records of all lessons the instructor taught, any payroll entries, athletes, lessons prices, etc. If the instructor happens to return you can simply make them "Active" again.

To make a teacher “Inactive”:

  1. Navigate to “Instructors & Admins” from the main menu.
  2. Click on the “Edit” button beside the instructor's name.
  3. In the “Details” tab of the “Instructor Details”, deselect the “This instructor is Active” option.
  4. Click “Save”.

If another instructor will not be taking the place of the "Inactive" instructor and you would like to make a change to your membership plan, please click here for instructions.

Tip: To temporarily see the instructor's details again after they have been marked “Inactive” simply click on the “Show Inactive” button found in the top right hand corner of the “Teachers & Administrators” page.