When an email is unable to deliver to the recipient, AthletaDesk will alert you with a bell icon in the upper-right corner of your account.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/o-rXyrlr_74HTiJ5rGFCx7KCn6hRsKqDZkdWcAduyzE/GucajnZX-Efw_gQQaF0kfmdVcJKTDaLLxiVxCQ2gzkM/ad email notif-xok.png

When clicked on, the "Notification Center" will provide detail on which email address was unable to receive your message.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/o-rXyrlr_74HTiJ5rGFCx7KCn6hRsKqDZkdWcAduyzE/8dUfeqaabb7bt5CmhOniDIO1PWax-OXwu-pmb1vYQxY/notif centre ad screenshot-fmI.png

When clicking on the blue "Zoom" button to the left of the entry, the pop-up will provide a message from the mail system explaining why the email was unable to send. In most cases, this is due to an incorrect email address, a typo in the email address or the recipient's mailbox is full.

https://cdn.elev.io/file/uploads/o-rXyrlr_74HTiJ5rGFCx7KCn6hRsKqDZkdWcAduyzE/wHNSGLNYmOZUoHCyiWyGgmWDDe-RyHTpBqq9UnAXwRI/undeliverable email ad-nI4.png