Spam detection has grown more sophisticated over the years. Sender Engagement now plays a large factor in determining which emails make it into you recipient inboxes and which make it into their “Junk” folder.There are two types if email:

  • Transactional - These are emails that are detailed and specific to the recipient, such as lesson reminders and invoices.
  • Promotional - This is everything else that you send in bulk, including monthly newsletters, promotions and announcement emails.

AthletaDesk constantly monitors the email quality reputation of its IP addresses to ensure maximum deliverability. If your email address or business has a low Sender Engagement score, your messages may still not be delivered. A couple of examples of what can lead to a low Sender Engagement score:

  • Your business sends a regular newsletter to everyone in your business (past and present).
  • Your business sends lesson promotion emails to a large list of addresses that you’ve collected over the years (either through AthletaDesk, or through a mailing service like MailChimp).
  • Your business sends too many email reminders for lessons, invoices, etc.

Sender Engagement is determined by:

  • How many people open (engage) your email
  • How many people delete it without opening
  • How many people mark your email as junk

Each email provider tracks this individually (Google, Yahoo, etc.) and they know EXACTLY who opens what and how long they read it. To improve Sender Score for the examples above, we recommend:

  • Send only a few newsletter emails each year. Keep the information provided as short, and relevant to your recipients as possible. This will allow people to read your email more quickly, but keeping it relevant will hold their attention.
  • Use a separate email address or email domain to send marketing emails. Don’t use email addresses that you’ve scraped or haven’t collected through an opt-in list.
  • Use opt-in for lesson reminders (or only enable it for families who habitually forget their lessons). Don’t assume that everyone in your business wants or needs a weekly lesson reminder email.

We've seen cases before where the business only sends transactional email through AthletaDesk, but then used MailChimp to blast marketing emails to a list of 1,200 prospects each month. This is horrible practice on behalf of the business because it lowers the Engagement Score for the business and prevents legitimate email from getting through.