Now that we have successfully added your athletes, we can begin scheduling on the Calendar! With little effort we’ll have an event packed calendar in no time.

Scheduling Lessons:

  1. Click on “Calendar” from the main menu on the left.
  2. Click on a date and select “New Default Lesson” from the pop-up.
  3. When the “New Default Lesson” pop-up appears enter in your lesson details. If your lesson is recurring, select “This Lesson Repeats“.
  4. Click the green “OK” button to save your new lesson details.
  5. Your new lesson(s) will now appear in the Calendar on the date(s) chosen.
  6. To edit lesson details, click on the lesson in the Calendar and choose “Edit“.

What the heck is the difference between “New Default Lesson” and “New Event”?! “New Default Lesson” is a shortcut to the “Lesson” event category using the athlete’s default lesson duration and default price. “New Default Lesson” also assumes that you want to setup a private lesson with one athlete.For a group lesson, or to schedule a lesson that’s not the athlete’s usual length (or price), you’ll want to use the “New Event” option.

Click Here for Step 3: Taking Attendance