Credit card payments in AthletaDesk are available through PayPal Pro & Stripe. A PayPal Pro account is different from a regular PayPal personal or business account because you can accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards directly (currently available to U.S., U.K. & Canadian users only). Usually PayPal Pro costs $30/mo, but this fee is waived (U.S. and Canada only) for all AthletaDesk members (this does not apply to trial accounts).

Details on how to upgrade to PayPal Pro are available inside your AthletaDesk account (Business Settings > Online Payments). Once your account is upgraded, parents and athletes will have the option to pay with a credit card directly and retain their card information on file for faster, easier payments in the future.

Stripe is the other option available for accepting credit cards. Stripe is offered in far more countries than PayPal Pro. Many users find the Stripe setup process to be much more user friendly.

To integrate with Stripe, click here for instructions.
To integrate with PayPal Pro, click here for instructions.