You can’t teach if you don’t have any athletes. So, we’ll start by adding athletes to AthletaDesk. You can either add each athlete manually or you can import a client list.

Adding Athletes Manually:

  1. Navigate to “Athletes” from the main menu on the left.
  2. Click on the green “+ Add Athlete” button.
  3. Enter in your athlete details (first and last name are required).
  4. Choose whether this new athlete belongs to a “New Family” or an “Existing Family“.
  5. Enter in your family contact details (parent first and last name are required).
  6. Click the green “Finish” button.

Importing Client List:

  1. Navigate to the "Athletes" from the main menu.
  2. Click the purple "Tools" button.
  3. Select "Import Athletes" from the drop down menu.
  4. Copy & paste your athlete contact list from your favorite spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers, into the space provided.
  5. Click “Next” and follow the prompts. AthletaDesk will automatically map all relevant fields. Map any additional data as required.
  6. Click “Finish“.

Tip: The default duration and billing (we pre-selected $30 per 30 minute lesson) can be changed in “My Preferences”. To change this, click "Settings" in the top-right corner and select “My Preferences”. Select the "Default Settings" tab and make the necessary changes to your “New Athlete Default Setting” that best reflect the majority of your athletes. Keep in mind; this is simply a default. Any athlete can later be edited to have a unique lesson length, billing type or lesson length.

Click Here for Step 2: Schedule Lessons