Yes, if you have registered your own domain name, you can use it with your AthletaDesk website. Everyone who uses AthletaDesk has the option to have a “” subdomain (such as “”).

Please note: If you have a custom domain and have your website hosted elsewhere, DO NOT change your CNAME. If you have your own website, please click here.

If you’ve registered your own domain name, you can configure this in the “Website” section of AthletaDesk. Choose the “ I need an AthletaDesk website” hosting option. Enter your domain name in "Website URL" field. Then, visit your domain provider to configure your website’s CNAME record to point to “”.

Use the following settings for your CNAME record:

Host: www
Points To:
TTL: 3600 (1 Hour)

Here are instructions for a number of popular domain registrars:

GoDaddy (Editing a CNAME record):

Netfirms (How to Update CNAME Aliases):

Enom CNAME Records:

Weebly CNAME Records: (bottom of article)

Confused? Don’t worry, we can help. Send an email to our friendly support staff and we’ll guide you through the process.