When you create invoices with AthletaDesk, you're given three format options. Here's a brief explanation of what these mean:


The expanded invoice format contains the maximum amount of detail. It shows all charges on the invoice, and includes any free lessons/events that the athlete(s) attended as well. For athletes who are setup to pay the same amount each month, this invoice format will include all the individual lesson times that are part of their monthly charge.

Additionally, the expanded invoice format will include any free make-up lessons that were taught in the invoice period.


The normal invoice format includes individual line items for each charge in the invoice period. This invoice does not include free events, so it has fewer line items than the Expanded format invoice.

For athletes who pay the same amount each month, a single line item with their monthly charge is printed.


The condensed invoice format shows the fewest number of line items. Identical line items (such as weekly lessons for athletes who pay per lesson) are rolled up into a single item and prefixed with the number of times that event occurred. For example: "4x - 3:00PM Lesson with John Smith".

This invoice format is the shortest and provides the least amount of detail.

Tip: If you're not sure which invoice format you prefer, try creating the same invoice in each format. You can compare the different types and select the one that best suits your needs.