Yes, if you would like to sell gift certificates/cards, AthletaDesk can accommodate this.

Here's how to do it:

1. When you issue/sell a gift certificate, record the payment amount as "Other Revenue" in the "Expenses & Other Revenue" section. Give the buyer a physical (paper) certificate that the recipient can bring back to your business to redeem at a later date.

2. When the athlete returns for lessons (to cash in their certificate), add the amount of the certificate as a "Discount" to that athlete's account on the "Families & Invoices" page.

This records the revenue as "Other Revenue" at the time the cash is received. Later, when you add the "Discount" to the athlete's account, it will credit the athlete but won't be counted as revenue a second time. (This is very important; do NOT record a gift certificate as a "Payment", because then it would be counted as revenue twice. For tax purposes and accuracy, it is important that the revenue is not duplicated).

This method gives you the flexibility to sell gift certificates to anyone, even if they're not a client yet.