If you've entered a payment from a family and it's later returned with Non-Sufficient Funds (bounced), you'll need to record this into your AthletaDesk account. For proper accounting, this should be treated as a "Refund".

Here's what to do:

  1. Navigate to "Families & Accounts" from the main menu on the left.
  2. Locate the family and click the blue "Zoom" button beside their name.
  3. Leave the original deposit entry in AthletaDesk alone (you'll want to keep this on the record for future reference).
  4. Click "Add Transaction" and use the following:

    Type: Refund
    Date: The date the payment bounced
    Amount: The amount of the payment
    Description: Specify which payment was returned NSF
  5. Click Save

This will create the appropriate entries in your AthletaDesk account to reduce your revenue (since you never received the money) and increase the family's balance owing (since they'll need to pay you again). When you're finished the family account should display both the original payment, and a negative payment entry as the ISF entry in the Family Account.

Tip: If you charge your families a penalty fee for bounced payments, you'll want to add this as a separate charge to the account using the "+ Add Transaction" button with the "Charge" option selected. Don't include this fee as part of the "Refund".